Thursday 9th August 2007

I wasn’t really banking on this. They have gone away for a week without me. I did think of writing my diary pretending that I had been included and was at present sunning myself on a beach in Rhodes. Well to be fair I would presently be arguing over whether I had packed more than I needed for a week and being told I could carry it myself. This would be closely followed by the trip to the airport and the constant cries of “Are we nearly there yet” and they would be from my master! There is one reason that I am sorry that I am not going. My poor mistress has completely gone off flying and doesn’t really want to go in an aeroplane. If I were there I could have helped to take her mind off it and calm her down. It isn’t even as though she is likely to get to sit next to my master so that he can hold her hand, with three children who all want to sit with their dad. I did think she might turn round and say she wouldn’t go but she isn’t good at letting people down. I’m just hoping she isn’t ill this time. The last time they all went to a nice hotel in a sunny place, my mistress spent the whole time in the hotel room ill, she shouldn’t really have gone at all but as I said, she doesn’t like to let the others down. Then there was the holiday last year that I went on and told you about at the time, my mistress described it as ‘indoor camping’ and has sworn she will never go to a resort like that again. The resort can’t be blamed for it raining all week and having four adults, three children and a dog in a confined space for seven days. We were self catering too so there really wasn’t any time off for my mistress.