Sunday 5th August 2007

Good heavens, is this what it is like to get old? I’ve got some very odd aches from sitting in the car yesterday and I have to do it all over again today to get back home to Belgium. At least we won’t have to do it like this for the return trip so I can’t complain too much. I presume my master’s car will have been fixed by then anyway. I had a fight with one bag yesterday, it kept trying to move into my space. I started to understand why my mistress complains when I start lying all over her feet in the night. It didn’t matter how many times I told the bag to move over, it kept coming back. I’d swear the bag didn’t understand what I was saying to it, either that or it was very rudely ignoring my predicament. I might be more careful about the space I take up on the bed from now on. At least we only have two relatively short trips and a Tunnel crossing to do today. I suggested playing eye spy but to be honest I didn’t get much interest and a five year old and a dog playing eye spy doesn’t lead to the best of games. My mistress was telling me that in the days before the motorways went everywhere, although the journeys took longer there was at least a wider variety of games you could play to pass the time. I liked the sound of ‘Pubs Legs’ where you take it in turns to get a score for the pub you see and the score depends on how many legs the name of the pub suggests it has. So ‘The Golden Lion’ would score four for the lion and ‘Coach and horses’ would score quite a lot depending on how many horses you could convince everyone there were. My mistress said that ‘horses’ would count as two horses so eight legs. I’m guessing things like ‘the horse and hounds’ score the best, unless there is a ‘Centipede’ pub.