Saturday 7th July 2007

The misuse of language is a wonderful thing! My mistress has been talking to me about the conference she went on last week. She was telling me about a magazine that is good to send articles to because it has a ‘very small staff’. I am now picturing a bunch of writers that are no taller than 4 feet 8 inches tall, who need help with writing. Somehow, I don’t think that is quite what she meant. She also told me that the conference was hardly an advert for fashion magazines but she made me promise not to say that. Of course, a statement like that coming from my mistress really is the pot calling the kettle a darker shade than raven! The funniest bit was when she was telling me about a session she had talking to a very nice lady that is a agent for writers. It seems that, in her enthusiasm, my mistress thinks she may have come over as very firmly on the wrong side of passionate. Perhaps rather further down the hill of insanity than even I had placed her, and that’s saying something!

I am a little upset to find that my mistress is increasing her circle of friends in Belgium. Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing and I get invited along too. However, sometimes it means I get left at home to twiddle my paws while she goes off enjoying herself. It wouldn’t be so bad if I got to go out and make friends of my own without her, but I am usually chaperoned, unless I got to Mackensey’s. I am seriously thinking of making a run for it, to see whether I can make some friends before I have to come back. I wonder if I could work out the way to Mackensey’s house in my own.