Tuesday 26th June 2007

Teaching Wilma bad habits

I’m innocent! I have been blamed for the muddy marks all over the duvet cover, but I claim it wasn’t me. As I said to my mistress “What is the pattern on your duvet cover?” Of course she went for the wise crack and said “What as well as the muddy paw prints?” Ha ha. When she did give me a serious answer she said “You mean Snoopy.” “Exactly” I said “and what makes you think that Snoopy isn’t capable of leaving muddy paw prints over the bed. Why do you assume it was me?” I got a lengthy explanation about Snoopy being an inanimate object, which I think he will have been most offended by. My argument fell down completely when my mistress said “So if Snoopy is real, you won’t be needing another dog to play with then.” I was torn then between playing along, or conceding defeat and admitting to the paw prints. Either way it now means she has closed the bedroom door to keep me out during the day.

Well I am really looking forward to seeing the reader statistics for my diary this month. When I last looked, over 380 people had read the 22nd April last year, quite apart from all the other days. Maybe the trick for getting readers is to mention my toys more often. I suppose it is only worth mentioning those toys that people can get the wrong ideas about. I’m not sure that they were the sort of readers I was after in the first place. The internet really is a very strange place, if you can call it a place. It’s funny to think how much we all use it, when you think how little time it has been there. Children today take it for granted. They can’t believe it wasn’t even around when their parents were children.