Monday 25th June 2007

Will I go and help my mistress look for something to wear to go to her friends’ wedding! What kind of dog does she think I am? Isn’t that more the sort of thing you have a Chihuahua for? I’m a herding dog for heavens sake, what do I know about fashion? I know I have expressed my opinions in the past but anyone can tell that bobble hats don’t go with anything else, not that I am recommending wearing a bobble hat whilst the rest of you were naked, that would be plain stupid. I really think she can go on her own, or take my master; he can be quite good at that sort of thing when he wants to. Then she goes and asks my why so many of her favourite clothes seem to be wearing out. Now I fell into a bit of a trap here. I said “Well what do you think? You wear them all the time and they keep going through the wash.” I didn’t see it coming but I totally opened myself up to her response, which was “If you didn’t put your muddy paws on my all the time, I wouldn’t have to wash them as often.” Fair point. There wasn’t a lot I could say in answer to that one.

For the study course my mistress is doing, she has to write a Ghost Story. The problem is she doesn’t want to think about it whilst we are in the house on our own. She has much too vivid an imagination to be able to think about that and then go to bed, with no one else about. Particularly with a dog who would make the most of it and jump on her when she least expected it! “Boo!”