Monday 4th June 2007

Alfie and his new puppy Wilma

Don’t you just love a bar-b-q? There is so much food and the law of averages says that at least some of it is going to end up on the floor and thereafter inside the dog! I think I liked the chicken and asparagus skewers best, although the stick was a bit chewy. The stick is a sort of inbuilt toothpick, for all those difficult to reach places. I had a great day all round really, lots of fuss and attention, running around outside all day long and as many dropped crisps courtesy of a two year old whose hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired. So all in all a pretty good day from a dog perspective. I must have behaved myself reasonably well as I have an invite to visit them in England.

Today is a quiet catching up sort of day. My mistress has a number of writing competitions to try to get entries in for and much as I have offered to help her she seems to think she would be better off doing them herself. I’m sure I could write the opening to a thriller. I think it would involve a cat accused of murdering some mice, with the final twist being that they were in fact mouse crimes of passion with the cat being framed. Of course casting the cat as the victim does rather go against the grain but if they were unjustly found guilty and spent their life behind bars being tormented by dog prison warders I could just about cope with it. Given my experience of cats there would then be a dramatic escape from confinement, followed by a lengthy chase by the dogs and the cat using up one of its nine lives to escape. I think something like that would break the mould of the modern thriller.