Saturday 23rd June 2007

What an unexpected pleasure I had yesterday. Makensey and Spencer called round to my house to see me. I usually only see them at their house. Makensey spent her time snuffling round the garden but Spencer spent the whole hour playing with me. He did run across the swimming pool cover a couple of times and got his paws wet, but otherwise he followed most of the house rules. We ran, and chased, and played ball. Best of all we played tug with my rope. It is a bit of an unfair contest as he is only a few months old, but I like winning so I didn’t mind too much. I did let him win occasionally so that he didn’t get bored, and I even took the ball and gave it to him so that he could have a go. I’ve asked if they can come round to play again soon, I had such a good time. I’ve also asked if I can have another puppy to move in with us and my mistress said she would think about it. I think it may be my master that I really need to try to get round. When they had gone I went and lay down by the gate to watch in case they came back. I stayed there for an hour and a half until my mistress came to give me a cuddle to cheer me up. She promised she would do her best to fix me some ‘play dates’, so I suppose I will just have to see what she can come up with. I’ve asked if she will email the family along our road, where Spencer’s brother lives to see if I could go and call on them. She has said she will see what she can do. I’d like Elvis to come round more often too, but he gets tired faster than Spencer.