Sunday 10th June 2007

There has been a very loud ‘baaing’ noise coming from near here. There is a field of sheep not that far away but this sounded much closer than that. Now it could be that the wind was blowing in exactly the right direction but I am starting to suspect that the sheep may have moved into one of the houses down the road that is available to rent. They may only have moved into the garden, I can’t be certain, although come the winter they might like to sleep in a bedroom instead of outside. I wonder if they would object to wool carpets. By way of contrast I haven’t noticed any recent activity from my tunnelling adversaries, the moles. I wonder if the mole repellent is working or if they are just saving their energy for a big onslaught of our garden later in the year. Maybe they are like me and prefer to sleep during warm weather, although combined with hibernating through the winter that wouldn’t leave them much time awake to tunnel.

Isn’t it funny how we only ever want things we can’t have. I was thinking that the next time my mistress went away I might like to stay at home rather than go and stay at Mackensey’s. Mackensey’s mistress would come and feed me and see me during the day. I thought now that I am older and a little more responsible I might try it. So I asked my mistress and she said that would be fine, but asked if I wouldn’t miss the company. Well I immediately changed my mind and said if it was all the same to her perhaps I would go and stay with Mackensey as normal. I suppose I just wanted to see if she thought I was responsible enough. Now I know that she does I don’t actually need to do it.