Monday 11th June 2007

I am seriously worried about the state of the world. Well over 100 people have gone back and read my diary for one day in April last year when I mentioned getting a new ‘rubber rabbit’. I don’t know whether they mistakenly think I am using that as a euphemism for something more seedy or whether in itself they found that interesting but just to reassure you I am a puppy. Well I was a puppy, I’m more of a dog now. To me a rubber rabbit is a brilliant toy that I can shake until its body falls off its head, usually after hitting it against people’s legs and the furniture. It is nothing more exciting or more sinister than that and it most certainly doesn’t have any other interesting connotations. I am so sorry if that has disappointed hoards of internet users who thought they were on to something else! It was the same when they all latched on to ‘hedgehog’s dealer’ when I was talking about antiques. You have to worry about the state of the human mind. Anyway for those of you who have found me accidentally, enjoy!

I have been to see Mackensey and Spencer and I think my mistress has fallen in love with Spencer. He is just at that very cute puppy stage, a four month old bundle of fur. I’m not jealous. Ok so I am jealous but he is great to play with so I am not going to object too much and I am quite secure in knowing she absolutely adores me and wouldn’t swap me for an animal that looks a bit like a well groomed fox. I suppose if I can’t cope with her liking another dog too, there would be no chance of us having another dog for me to play with. If we get one though I would like it to be a little girl dog but I think my mistress is worried that I won’t dote on her quite so much then.