Saturday 26th May 2007

Why don’t I get to go for any business lunches? I work with my mistress every day. It is my diary we write. It is my woodland stories we write. Why should I get left out when she goes for a lunch to talk about writing projects? To be fair it was other writing projects she had gone to talk about but I can be flexible. I would have settled for sitting at her feet and just having a few of the bits being offered. I really do think it is unreasonable to leave me out of things. On the plus side I got to spend some time with my maternal grandparents but I’m actually having all weekend with them whilst my master and mistress take the children to see my paternal grandparents. I tried promising not to chase Misskin or Bertie but no one seemed quite convinced that I would manage it. Once again their beloved dog gets left out. They’ll miss me, you wait and see. So today I am having a quiet start before my master arrives with the children to pick my mistress up. I guess I will have a wild half hour with the children before they go and then will just have to forlornly wave a paw at the window as they drive off without me. I’m thinking of going up and getting onto my granny and grandpa’s bed this evening to see if they would mind me snuggling in with them. I know their old dog used to be allowed to and I am working on securing myself similar privileges. I was thinking of really playing on the whole ‘missing my mistress’ thing and looking very sad and in need of lots of cuddles. On the surface my granny is the stricter of the two but I have discovered that she is also the easier one to break down, so I will work on her first.