Friday 25th May 2007

Well we drove to England in my master’s car yesterday. I have of course annoyed my mistress by starting to jump in on my own as soon as she has gone and bought a car with lower seats that ‘I will find easier to get into’. In fact the first time I jumped straight up onto the seat without help was when we came out of the garage last Saturday, having signed up for the car. Apparently it is going to take about 3 months for our new one to come. The number of months could vary depending on whether they deliver it just before the end of July, which would be 2 ½ months or whether, because no one in Italy works during August, they don’t deliver it until September. They actually close for the whole month of August. It is a good job that idea hasn’t caught on in Belgium, nowhere would ever be open. As it is in Belgium they work for twelve months and get paid for thirteen. Can you imagine changing the system so that you only work for eleven months but are still paid for thirteen. From a dog’s perspective finding your family has a whole month off might be a good thing, but it could be very bad. What happens if they go away on holiday somewhere that you can’t go with them? Do they just disregard your feelings and leave you behind for a whole month? It shouldn’t be allowed. I wouldn’t want my master and mistress to abandon me for that long. I’d miss them. I may be wrong but I don’t think they could bear to be apart from me for that long either. We would just have to go somewhere that I could go too.