Saturday 19th May 2007

Given 5 marriage certificates and 1 birth certificate have arrived in the post I suspect my mistress is going to be more interested in working on the family tree than coming out to play for the weekend. Of course, the car trip is still on for this morning. Nothing would get in the way of looking for a new car. I know my master has booked the Twiglets, beer and a place in front of the television for a football match this afternoon so maybe she will do the family tree then and we can all go and play on Sunday. I want to pack a picnic and go on a longer walk somewhere new. I thought I might be able to find somewhere with some different smells to sniff. After our walk along the ‘anti-tank’ canal last week I have set my sights on somewhere a little more peaceful or perhaps where the water is a little less stagnant. Somewhere that my master will not feel obliged to explain the intricacies of warfare to my mistress and me. I am surprised he hasn’t put in a bid for another trip to Waterloo yet – we did promise to go back when it wasn’t raining! It is amazing when you live somewhere how few places you get round to going to see. You think you’ve got all the time in the world and you can go another day, but you never do. As an update on this idea my mistress said to my master just now “Where shall we go on Sunday, we could go to the Palace gardens in Brussels, Maastricht or a lovely National Park near Arnhem.” To which my master has predictably replied “what about Waterloo?” I may just pack my own picnic and go on my own! Although if my mistress finds out I will bet she will want to come with me.