Friday 18th May 2007

Well I am not quite so innocent this time. I had had a lovely walk and all was going well, my mistress was getting ideas to add to my woodland stories, the rain had stopped, the sun was trying to poke through…, and then I saw the ducks. I really do have a bit of a thing for ducks. I went wading in to the mud after them without a thought to the mess I was getting into. It was only when they had the sense to fly off and I was left to come dripping out of the water that I realised this wasn’t my best moment. Of course shaking yourself when there are people nearby doesn’t go down that well either, even if it was only my mistress. I’m hoping I haven’t ruined my chances of the trip out that is planned for me tomorrow. The thing is that my mistress is thinking of getting a new car and one of the criteria is that it is easy for me to get in and out of and that I am happy with the seats. The plan is that I go with them to the car showrooms and try out the cars and we get the one that I like and where the sales people cope with allowing a dog to get in and out of their nice clean cars. If they don’t like dogs we don’t buy from them. We would never get away with it in England but here in Belgium there is a very real possibility that they might just let me do it. If truth be known my mistress has already made her mind up what she wants, so I don’t suppose I will get to influence it very much, but my requirements have all been taken into account in the selection process. At the moment my master’s car is too high up and much as I love my mistress’s convertible the seat is too small for me and I tend to sit on the gear stick and hand brake as well.