Wednesday 16th May 2007

I seem to have a completely uncontrollable attack of ‘bounce’. I think it has been brought on by a combination of better weather meaning I can go outside some of the time, combined with missing having my grandparents here. The result is that I keep greeting my master and mistress when I see them with rather more enthusiasm than they are prepared for. I do like having my master home. The other day I knew he had been there in the morning so when it came to normal coming home time I started to listening out for him. He hadn’t told me he was going to be late. In fairness he hadn’t given much more information to my mistress either but she seemed to cope better than I did. I went into the back garden and heard a blokes English sounding voice. As you do when you only get a snippet, I misheard and thought it was my master home, so I ran inside and alternated between the garage door and the front door to see which he was going to come through. It was only when my mistress let me into the garage and then out of the front door to look through both gates that go to the drive, that I was prepared to believe her that it really wasn’t my master.

My mistress is now helping me to put my woodland stories together. I keep getting sidetracked, chasing pigeons but I am sure you she will get me to concentrate eventually. To be fair she gets sidetracked too. I will come in from a good run, saying “ok can we do some now” and there she will be researching the family tree, or doing some of what she calls ‘her proper work’. I really think it is her duty to fit round my pigeon chasing sessions.