Tuesday 15th May 2007

Sharing our Mistress

Well we took granny and grandpa back to catch their train yesterday so it is all quiet again. It isn’t quiet because they made very much noise, it is more that I don’t have anyone to be noisy at now. My mistress gets funny when I start making lots of noise in her direction. I have an occasional tendency to nip outside have a bit of a bark, just once or twice, to get all the other dogs started and then come trotting in as thought butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth! I’m quite good at pretending to be a little angel. Of course I’m not actually one little bit angelic underneath, no self respecting dog would want to be but you do what has to be done to get the dog treats!

At least my grandparents trains were a little more predictable that when my mistress took the train to Nice. On the way there everything went perfectly until she had to stop at Marseille for an hour and three quarters in a carriage in which they had turned the air-conditioning off. On the way back she tried to catch the train at the local station, tried being the operative word. The 09.16 didn’t turn up and without explanation went from next train on the board to simply disappearing from the consciousness of the station. Then the 09.40 did the same thing and left the board saying next train 10.10. If the 10.10 had done the same my mistress would have missed her connection, so crazy woman that she is she decided to walk the 40 minute brisk walk to the main station to catch the TGV. All I can say is from the smell of her when she got home that night it was a good job they had put her in a single seat! Any joke that the British may make about whether the French historically washed quite as often could have been well and truly turned round on my mistress!