Sunday 6th May 2007

When they were out my master and mistress saw a very small beagle puppy. My mistress says it would be good to have another dog to keep me company. All I can say is, if they do get a beagle it will have to smoke outside!

My mistress is trying to get to like eating fish. She was telling me about eating some sole, which she quite enjoyed. When she mentioned it, it just reminded me of the shipping forecast. It is one of those word association things. Sole made me think of Dover, and Dover made me think Portland, Wight and so the shipping forecast. When you mention the shipping forecast to my mistress it makes her think of Radio 4 and being 5minutes to one in the kitchen at her parents house and her mother making custard. Custard unfortunately makes her think of all that was worst about school. Do you ever wish you hadn’t started something?

My master and mistress spent part of yesterday taking the cover off the swimming pool. There was one very small snag. There were lots of plants trying to grow on it, putting their roots down into the pool. It took some doing to remove them all, and the roots seemed to go on for ages. I daren’t think what the pool would actually look like if we opened it up completely. I have a nasty suspicion it might be full of pond weed and maybe one or two animals. My mistress has told me I am not to go and find out, but that she will get the pool men to come and clean it all up. Sometimes she can be such a spoilsport. Although to be honest I couldn’t see how I would have gone after any animals without getting my paws wet.