Monday 30th April 2007

Well after another night staying with my grandparents, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go home. I do like being in my own home. All the travelling is nice but there is nowhere quite like home. My granddad was in the dog house, which I said meant he should sleep with me, until I was taken outside and shown the kennel that my mistress’s previous dog used to sleep in at which point I said I did prefer being indoors. Ok so I am a soft, spoilt dog but is that my fault? Anyway, back to the story about granddad. He and granny share a car and granny needed it to go to the dentist but granddad forgot. He went out, was enjoying himself, and completely forgot he was supposed to get the car back. Granny had to go by bus and was nearly late. She was fuming. I couldn’t help smiling, thinking it is the sort of thing that happens between my master and mistress. Maybe it is another of those man – woman things! I often wonder if men and women were really intended to live together in the same place, they really don’t seem to see things in the same way very often.

My master ate in a restaurant recently that had ‘fowl’ on the menu. It didn’t specify what sort of fowl it was, just fowl. Do you think they wait to see what wanders round the restaurant yard and then catch it? They might alternate between seagull and pigeon. It had the look of turkey about it but that doesn’t mean to say it was turkey. I wonder what else looks like that. At least it was in a part of the world that didn’t leave you too concerned about them being unspecific. It wasn’t as though it just said meat and there was any risk of them serving one of my near relatives.