Wednesday 25th April 2007

Well they have finished all the hospital tests on my mistress and although they have told her she has problems with her inner ear, her brain is normal. My master and I want them to recheck, we live with her and as far as we are concerned, her brain is most definitely not normal. I am presuming they are only meaning from a medical perspective. I don’t feel so able to laugh at her falling over now I know it isn’t just that she is clumsy. She is probably clumsy as well but at least some of the time she has an excuse.

I spent yesterday afternoon contemplating the multi-directional buzzing of a fly. It’s strange but you hear the bussing and then very often find the fly is in a completely different place than the one you thought it was. It is either that a fly’s buzzing sound is a clever mechanism to confuse you or the fly can move faster than the speed of sound and still sounds like he was in the last place when in fact he has moved on to the next stop. I thought about it so long and hard that I had to have an extra long nap to recover. All I could hear as I dreamt was the sound of a fly buzzing from one place to the next and although I swatted it in my sleep I missed it every time.

Well my bags are packed and I’m ready for the off. I tried to persuade my mistress to take her little car in case the weather was nice and we could have the roof down but she told me there was too much luggage. I offered to sit on my bed and have the bag of dog food close by me but she didn’t fall for that one. I was only trying to help.