Thursday 26th April 2007

I think my mistress is travelling incognito. She seems to have taken to wearing a hat and sunglasses. I don’t know why she has gone undercover but I don’t think she is fooling anyone. It might turn out to be like when my master used to say he was a secret agent because it sounded more exciting than what he really does and of course, in his own head he thinks he is a secret agent. The only person who actually believed him was still quite young and told all her friends about it, she felt quite disappointed when she got a bit older and realised it was just a story. I suppose it is a bit like someone telling you the tooth fairy isn’t real, it is a bit of a nasty shock at the time. Perhaps I should humour my mistress and pretend I don’t know her. To be fair there are times when I think that would be by far the best course of action even without the disguise. At least she hasn’t resorted to a false beard and moustache yet, although something tells me she might be noticed rather too quickly if she did.

My treats for today are to sit outside the dentist waiting for my mistress to come out with a numb face and then laugh when she can’t talk properly. Then I am going out for lunch in Nottingham. I hope she has ordered something nice for me to eat, otherwise she will have to swap with me as she has almost certainly remembered to order something nice for herself. Then we are off up to Middlesbrough and I get to check out what has been happening in the garden here while I have been away and maybe do a little bit of territorial barking for good measure.