Monday 23rd April 2007

I fear if my mistress buys many more Camberwick Green figures that we will be well past the ‘buying an additional bookcase’ phase and into the ‘moving to a bigger house’ phase. How many strange little ornaments does one person need? She tried reassuring me by telling me she only has another 22 to go and there are three of those she may not bother with as she doesn’t like them. Sadly that means she must now have collected the other 130. I don’t think that’s normal, but then it is my mistress we are talking about and she really doesn’t seem to do normal. Her latest rather strange habit is going out of the front door wearing a mask. She says it is because of all the rhododendrons coming into flower by the front door but whatever her excuse it really isn’t normal behaviour. What the postman must have thought when she opened the door to him looking like that I just cannot think.

I can do anything when there is the incentive of food. Ok that isn’t strictly true I am still struggling with my toy where I have to lift the pieces up to get to the food underneath. I can however open the compartment in the centre console of my master’s car to get the dog chew I dropped in it before my mistress closed it. You simply press to close it. Then when you press it again it opens automatically. My mistress closed it closed it not knowing my dog chew had fallen into it. When she is driving you can tap her shoulder all you want to get attention but don’t always get it. So I used my nose and pressed the catch to get it myself. I did nearly get my nose stuck in the compartment but that’s another story.