Sunday 22nd April 2007

A little premature in my opinion. My mistress has put away her winter clothes. It is now completely guaranteed to be cold and rainy for the next six months. Why couldn’t she leave them all at the front of the wardrobe just to fool the weather into thinking she thought it was going to be cold? It beats me how one person can have so many things they don’t need. To be fair she was having an odd moment of sense as she normally hoards everything for years, regardless of whether it is worn out, the wrong size or makes her look dreadful. However, I suppose on that last point if she didn’t hoard the things that made her look dreadful she would need to empty the whole wardrobe.

On the good news front the love seat has been finished. It has taken my mistress a ridiculous amount of time to paint it, I was wondering whether that is why it is called a love seat. It has lots of slats that need painting on all sides but as the gaps aren’t very big it is hard to get your paintbrush between them. First was the wood primer then the paint. Sadly, the paint is most certainly not ‘non-drip’ and to say that my mistress has got it everywhere would be a bit of an understatement. I had the sense to steer clear, preferring not to end up with a blue nose and tail. As soon as the paint is dry my plan is to sit on one side with my master or mistress on the other and a bowl of dog biscuits on the table in the middle. I think as it was a wedding present my master and mistress may have other ideas but they can be persuaded.