Tuesday 17th April 2007

Some walks are just the best. We met some children who were carrying and throwing sticks as they walked. Now I figured I was doing them a favour bringing back the sticks they were throwing and helping carrying the long ones they were holding. They soon got the hang of it and we all had a wonderful time. They were quite small so I did have to be a little bit careful that I didn’t knock any of them into the ditch. By the time we had finished I have made three new friends and my tail wouldn’t stop wagging. The only small problem was when I made the mistake of thinking that the stick their mum was carrying might need a bit of carrying too. It turned out it wasn’t a carrying sort of a stick, but more a supporting sort of a stick with a carved handle and not at all the sort of thing they wanted a dog’s help with. You live and learn. Overall it was one of the best walks I have had in ages, right up there on the tail wagging chart with the ones where I have played hide and seek with James.

After some negotiation I think I have persuaded my master to let me have one of the Disney pictures in my bedroom. He asked which room precisely I thought of as my bedroom as I seem to have taken to sleeping in their room. Obviously, I take every opportunity to obtain maximum comfort but I do, at least in my head, still regard the utility as my bedroom. I see the bed in their more as a ‘day bed’ sort of arrangement, for the occasional moments when I am banished from the rest of the family. Those are the times I most need to be surrounded by home comforts as any child will tell you!