Sunday 8th April 2007

“Dad you know why I like coming here” “No Andy, Why’s that?” My master and mistress anxiously waited for him to say how much he liked seeing them, or even how he liked seeing me. But no, it was “The swimming pool.” Well too bad, he still can’t go in it for another couple of months or so, how many different angles he tries to come at it from. I thought I was bad worrying my dog chew, approaching it from all angles, making sure it didn’t get away, but watching Andy’s approaches to how he might suddenly get the response “Yes Andrew you can go in the pool” I realise I still have a great deal to learn.

It is amazing the tricks you have to learn to get the most out of life. I have discovered if I put my ear to the door I can hear more of what I am missing out on in a room I have been shut out of. You get a bit of a shock when the door gets opened and you have to pretend you have only just arrived and trot past the person opening the door, in a nonchalant manner but I think I have got away with it so far.

It is probably a good job they are going away tomorrow. My mistress is threatening to go and stay next door with Matilda to get away from the chaos. I pleaded that that would not be fair as I wanted to get away from it too but I am not allowed to go and see Matilda in her house, I simply have to lie in wait for her outside. I find it hard to understand why she doesn’t seem to want to come into our garden.