Saturday 24th March 2007

It is very easy to forget some of the complications of moving to a different country. My mistress needs to have her eyes tested. I don’t think that has anything to do with her falling over, but you never know. Anyway, she could go to the optician in Belgium and it would make more sense, if it weren’t for the confusion on what the letters are called in Flemish. For example the letter ‘a’ is said ‘ah’ but ‘e’ is said ‘ay’, whereas ‘i’ is said ‘ee’. Of course if you are Belgian reading this you may not see the difference but if you are English you will be aware that there would be the risk that someone with perfectly good eyesight would end up with glasses to correct their ‘speech’ rather than their vision! When she gets her new prescription she will take it to an optician in Belgium to have some new glasses made. The biggest problem is going to be when she comes to try on frames. If you wear glasses and take them off to try on new frames, you can’t actually see what you look like in them. I suppose that is where I am going to come in. I can be a real ‘guide dog’ of sorts, even if it is only to tell her which new glasses will suit her. If it is anything like normal, she may as well start by asking which ones are the most expensive ones in the shop and just choose those ones. She wants some new sunglasses too. She says she wants some that make her look ‘really cool’. How am I going to break it to her that it is going to take an awful lot more than a pair of sunglasses to make her look ‘cool’!