Friday 16th February 2007

Well no one can say I didn’t try. Yesterday I ran through as much wonderfully dirty mud as I could find in an attempt to get a really good doggy smell back. What’s more I succeeded. I came in, proudly ready to show off my new scent and you just wouldn’t believe the reaction. I was marched straight downstairs and made to put each of my paws into a bucket of water and have them scrubbed. I was heartbroken. It had been such a wonderful spring like day that I had loved just running through every bit of mud I could find. To be fair I may have run through some bits that were not strictly speaking mud. My mistress has explained to me that if I insist on going to the toilet behind the bushes it makes it very hard for her to clean up after me. I do get her point, but surely she can understand I like a little privacy for that sort of thing. After all she gets very annoyed when I wander into the bathroom and put my head on her knee when she is on the toilet.

I am in serious trouble with my mistress for another misdemeanour. In my defence I was just being a bit enthusiastic. My mistress was lying on the bed and I joined her. That was not the cause of the problem. It was when I gently moved my paw to encourage her to rub my tummy. Well I thought it was gentle and I wasn’t to know her face was going to get in the way or that she would scratch so easily. So now she has a big red scratch down the right side of her face and once again I am not allowed on the bed.