Monday 12th February 2007

Well I’m back home again today and I think my main job is looking after my mistress. If I’m lucky my bath will have been cancelled rather than postponed but if I’m not so lucky I may have to either cooperate or develop some very good avoidance tactics. I’m quite glad she isn’t spending any longer with Bertie and Misskin the cats at my master’s parents. The way my mistress describes them you would think they were perfect. I’m not prone to jealousy but given how she goes on about them and how I am made to sleep in the garage when I’m there, a dog could start to get a bit of a complex.

I have just realised it is Valentine’s Day on Wednesday and I haven’t got anyone to send a card to. I never did get round to trying to find internet dating for dogs or speed dating for dogs. I am guessing speed dating for dogs is very different than for humans. I can’t imagine it being acceptable for humans to go round and sniff each others bottoms to decide of they want to see each other again. For dogs that is perfectly acceptable and for the most part is what would be expected. You get a much better idea about the dog and where it has been, what its lifestyle is like and what it eats, by having a really good sniff. Just having a few minutes to talk tells you so little, for a start they could make up what they tell you but you can’t make up a smell. A smell can’t lie. It is a far more reliable way of finding things out. Of course when my mistress tried internet dating years ago the person she met set fire to the restaurant menu, which rather set the tone for a disastrous evening. Maybe all things considered I will just snuggle up to my mistress on Valentine’s day.