Friday 26th January 2007

Now I know humans are not as observant as dog’s and I know they don’t sniff things out in the same way that we do but I am starting to think that my master and mistress are particularly dense. Not only had they not spotted that the big Christmas tree in the corner of our garden fell down last week in the storms but they had not noticed that chimney had been swept either. The tree was obvious if you were looking for it, basically if you looked for it, it wasn’t there it was somewhere else. It was in fact lying down on some other shrubs, quietly minding its own business. The chimney was perhaps funnier. There they are wondering what has happened to the chimney sweep, my master assuming my mistress had put the half burnt logs on the basket in preparation for him coming, my mistress assuming the same with regard to my master. What they didn’t do was share their assumptions, at which point they could have realised that as it was neither of them and I am more likely to have eaten it than put it back on the log basket, that rather narrowed it down to the chimney sweep himself! If they had asked me I could also smell that he had called, but of course they didn’t ask me.

The moles still don’t get it. They are supposed to be hibernating, it has even gone cold to encourage them, but no despite the relatively frozen ground, still they try and dig. I am starting to suspect they have little mettle shovels down there or even special drilling devices, there is no way that ordinary paws should be able to get through this. I at least hope they have got some nice thick gloves on, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.