Thursday 25th January 2007

So many exciting things so little time. Firstly, it snowed yesterday. I know that makes travel hard. I know there are old people struggling to keep warm. I know that year’s ago there used to be a lot more of it and this is nothing. However, I am a one year old dog and this is exciting. I want to build a snowman. I want to know why when it lands on my nose it disappears. I want to see if I can collect one of every pattern of snowflake. How many do you think there are? My excitement is meaning I bounce quite a lot! Secondly, (more bouncing for good measure) my mistress’s T shirt and sweatshirt arrived yesterday from my very own Alfie Dog range and they are great. She has got the T Shirt that says ‘The dog’s in charge’ and the sweatshirt that says ‘The dog’s on the computer, so I’m out for a walk’. It is so exciting seeing your own designs in print for the first time. Now I just need to get her to wear them everywhere she goes, except of course bed, there aren’t many people that see her there! Which reminds me my master hasn’t chosen his sweatshirt yet. As if that is not enough excitement, there is the waterfall from the wishing well. It isn’t a waterfall anymore it is more of an icestatic. Whilst I wasn’t looking lots of bits have stuck to each other in a cascade of ice, it is quite impressive but I think the pump may have broken because there was nothing left for it to pump. We have turned it off but we won’t know until it is all water again. Round the bottom, outside the barrel, there is a little doggy skating rink too, especially for me.