Thursday 11th January 2007

Now we are for it. My master has discovered bidding on Ebay. When I say discovered, that would be a bit of an exaggeration, he was more pointed in that direction. Personally I blame my mistress. If my mistress hadn’t bailed him out when he had got stuck with the Belgian Flemish language site as his ‘homepage’ he would have given up and simply sworn at the computer. However, once she had sorted him out there was no stopping him. Does it matter that we don’t need the items he is bidding on, does it matter that we have almost run out of wall space to hang more pictures on? Clearly not as far as he is concerned. Although my mistress did very gently tell him there really wasn’t room for a signed guitar even if it was signed by his favourite musician. I offered to sign something for him and let him frame that but it didn’t seem to have the same appeal. He is going to regret that one day. When I am famous, he is going to say I really wish I had accepted Alfie’s offer. Obviously with my desire for fame I do understand why people might want such memorabilia but I struggle when it comes to a postage stamp that is over 100 years old. I could nip to the Post Office and get him one much cheaper. He tried explaining all about it’s little perforations and wasn’t impressed when I likened it to a teabag. Then he told me about the different coloured inks and about the stamps used to ‘cancel’ them. So if I have got this straight he isn’t even buying an unused stamp so it isn’t even of any practical value. Once again I find humans completely beyond my comprehension. I might just scroll through and see if I can find any ‘bones’ for sale! I might be able to do it on my master’s account and charge it to his credit card.