Wednesday 10th January 2007

Well yesterday was all a bit of a let down, in a good sort of a way. Despite the fact of being apprehensive because the car’s road test was at a different place to last year and the whole language problem thing everything went really well. As with last year there were no signs telling you where to go but my mistress wasn’t going to be fooled and an arrow was all she needed to accidentally find herself having gone to the front of the queue. I of course whistled and pretended she wasn’t with me. This year she had gone prepared, we each had a book to read and a packet of sweets, but there wasn’t time for any of that before we were whisked through. My little heart was pounding as they put the car through its paces. What if it failed? How would I persuade my mistress to get another impractical car that meant I could have the wind in my hair when we travel? When they put it on the machine that buffets it about I couldn’t watch for fear some bit would fall off. When it went up on the ramp I was whispering words of encouragement to it as they shone lights in places no car should have to have prodded and poked. My mistress reassured me that it isn’t the same as when I go to the vet but she really mustn’t talk about the car like that, it has feelings too. Then finally they said everything was ok and I hadn’t even got past the chapter heading of my book. So that’s that until next year. The people were even nice too and there was a lady mechanic. I got to nuzzle her a tiny bit but the blokes weren’t so easily swayed.