Friday 29th December 2006

Even though I am now the ‘seasoned traveller’ I am very glad to be home. There really is no place quite like it. It is the one place you know where the marzipan is kept and you never get asked to sleep somewhere different. I was only naughty once while we were away and even then you couldn’t really say it was very bad. I was left sitting outside in the garage so that I wouldn’t chase the cats in the house. It was cold and I got peckish, as you do. For Christmas I was given a pack of ‘begging strips’ and I thought ‘blow it, why should I beg for them, they’re mine!’ I knew what bag they were in and the bag was in the garage with me, so I got them out, opened the packet and ate them all. When I was found out I explained it was only like the children tucking in to the chocolate they had been given. Fortunately, my mistress agreed and I wasn’t in very much trouble. My dog biscuits were however wrapped up a little more tightly to ensure I was rationed.

Now we are home life is not exactly normal as the children are here. It is great I get lots of fuss, but the downside is having to cope with my ears being tugged and my tail. There is also a great deal of noise and tantrums when they lose on the Playstation, and that is just my master! It is frustrating that they won’t let me play on it, I could direct Spyro the dragon just as well as they can.