Thursday 28th December 2006

I’m home again. Everything is just the way I left it and just the way I like it. It is a little noisier than usual with the children here as well but I rather like that. There is always someone on hand to stroke me and play with me. I’m waiting to see if we are going anywhere interesting or whether I am being left here while they all go out without me. I had wanted to go and see the ice sculptures in Bruges, as I had enjoyed the sand sculptures in the summer. Only my mistress wants to go so we have been out-voted. My master wants to go swimming but that rules me out. The children want to go ice skating but I still haven’t found any boots that fit me. I may just have to make do with some extra walks and lots of fireside cuddles but I suppose that is more than many dogs get.

I have added to my New Year’s Resolutions. I am not going to get any ticks this year and I am going to encourage my mistress to learn some more Flemish so that she is less embarrassing when we go out together. I think that completes all the resolutions I need to make. If I can achieve those I will have done quite well. I just need to work with my master and mistress on the resolutions I think they should make. I wonder if I can persuade them round to my way of thinking.