Saturday 2nd December 2006

I think my mistress might have been a little stressed by the moving process. This week it was the birthday of two of her friends and she took their cards and presents to the Post Office to buy envelopes to send them off in. She addressed the envelopes and proceeded to put the wrong one in each envelope, it was a good job she had bought them both the same thing – it could have been a very embarrassing mistake.

We went to the ‘Clothing Bank’ to drop some clothes off earlier in the week. I was wondering if it was like a normal bank and whether they pay interest on deposits. Does it mean that the pair of trousers that my mistress dropped off she will then be able to go and collect with slightly longer legs or would she get additional small items of clothing back from the bank? I tried asking my master but he just started to wonder whether the same could be applied to the bottle bank. Perhaps I need to open an account so that I can find out how it all works. I wonder whether I need to take my passport as a form of I.D. and whether there are ‘clothes laundering’ regulations in the same way that ordinary banks have ‘money laundering’ regulations to comply with.

I’m off to see my grandparents again for a couple of days next week. At least this time I am not going to be fooled by the stone heron in the garden. When I saw it the other day I froze, went down on my haunches and had a good bark at it. When my mistress said it wasn’t real I said ‘I knew that’ and felt really stupid. I tried to walk over to it nonchalantly and cock my leg but I don’t think she was fooled.