Friday 1st December 2006

Have I mentioned how badly dressed people are in England? I now know where my mistress gets her ‘dress sense’ from. It seems that here the teenagers are very fashion conscious, then there are some middle aged people trying to look like teenagers (and failing!). After that are a handful of stylish people and an awful lot that miss the mark or, as in my mistress’s case, don’t bother at all. In Belgium, each age seems to have its fashion and all of them involve being more refined than seems the case here. I don’t think it is going to do my mistress good to stay around here too long, she might end up trying the ‘looking like a teenager’ thing! There are also far fewer underwear shops here, but maybe I am not supposed to notice things like that.

I am now sporting a very attractive new design to my coat. My right ear has a lovely magnolia trim to it. How was I supposed to know that my mistress had just pained that bit of wall? It will wear off eventually and at least there are no mirrors yet in the new house so I can’t see my self. That may account for the state of my mistress’s hair too, I hope she wouldn’t go out looking like that if she could see what her hair looked like.

There are not many tress round here either. When I go for a walk in the rain, I get much wetter without trees to provide some shelter, although, it has been getting much worse in Belgium too, with all the leaves falling off the trees. Branches aren’t so effective in providing cover as a canopy of leaves are. Here there aren’t even any bare branches, it’s all a bit sad really.