Thursday 30th November 2006

Some men in a white van came and started taking all our belongings away yesterday morning. I barked as loud as I could but it didn’t seem to do any good. The whole day got decidedly more strange when we went for a walk and ‘came home’ to a completely different house and the men in the van started giving us all our things back. I was worried until I saw my bed arriving then I settled down and left them to it. Whilst we were walking a lady in a black Mini waved at my mistress and she waved back. “Who’s that?” I asked and my mistress replied “I have absolutely no idea. I don’t know anyone who lives round here and the last person I knew who drove a black Mini sold it in about 1988.” The obvious question was ‘why did you wave back?’ but my mistress may have read my mind. “Not knowing anyone can feel pretty lonely, sometimes it’s nice to pretend.” Maybe she has a point. I have met quite a number of dogs since we came including a large boxer that came running over to ask if I wanted to go round and play. His owner was bemoaning the fact that he seemed totally out of control so I am assuming the invitation may not stand.

All in all my mistress is not having a brilliant week, once again someone has tried to fraudulently use her credit card and impressively the card company have spotted it. In my observation, she has the oddest pattern of expenditure so how amongst all of that they can manage to spot the transactions she didn’t undertake is quite a miracle. It seems to happen so often that she is thinking of putting their number on speed dial!