Monday 6th November 2006

I find it hard to understand how my master gets away with staying in bed until lunchtime. More to the point I really don’t know how he can give his teenage daughter so much grief for not appearing until 1pm when given half an opportunity that is exactly what he does. Fortunately for me, my mistress is more of a morning person. Not necessarily the sort that is all cheerful in a morning, more the sort that is grumpy because she simply is not programmed to be able to sleep in and resent being awake. However, whatever mood she is in at least it means there is someone for me to bounce on.

We met the basset hound whilst out walking. He went ‘hunting’ in a pretend sort of a way. However it was almost not pretend when he found a young deer and frightened it so much that the poor thing ran right in front of us on the path. If only I hadn’t been on my lead I could have given chase but to be honest it was already looking somewhat panic stricken and would probably not have appreciated it.

It is only one more week until my birthday. I am getting quite excited and was asking my mistress whether, given that she will be away, I would be getting my presents early. She said she thought that was bad luck and I would have to wait until she got back, so my birthday is being officially postponed until the 16th. By that time it will only be a week until I go to England. I have failed to convince my mistress that our England trip should be shaped around the sight seeing I want to do, for reasons I don’t really understand she seems to think that it is more important to plan it around moving house. She has even got it into her head that I might consider helping to carry the boxes. This time I think she has finally lost the plot!