Sunday 5th November 2006

My mistress prevented me from making a Guy. She said I beg at the table quite enough without begging more publicly. She has however promised me a nice log fire to stretch in front of to make up for it.

We now know that winter is on the way. We have had the annual ‘please turn off your outside tap before it freezes’ letter from our landlord. At least this year my mistress knows where the tap turns off, however it remains to be seen whether she is strong enough to do it or whether, as last year, she will wimp out and get my master involved. To be quite honest I am not overly impressed with the night time temperatures going below zero. I tried asking if I could come and snuggle up in bed with my mistress and master but they don’t seem keen. On a  brighter side when I eventually dragged my mistress out for a walk it was amazing watching the steam rising off all the fields and trees as the sun was so much warmer than they were. It looked as though the whole countryside was very gently on fire. Once I had got my mistress outside she got it into her head it was such a beautiful day that she wanted to go for a long walk. That had not been part of my plan. What do you do? I did the only thing I could. I sat down and refused to move. She tried tricking me by coming and having a cuddle, giving me a dog biscuit and they trying to carry on. How stupid does she think I am? Even my master is starting to believe I understand a whole range of things including sentences rather than just words. This revelation came about when I went up to my mistress for some love and she was drinking a hot cup of coffee and said could I go to my master until she finished it, which is exactly what I did. How does he think I can write a diary if I can’t understand something as simple as that?