Monday 16th October 2006

Now I am worried. The first applicants interested in joining the PDDP are a cat and a working dog. I was just getting the outline of the Constitution written and now I don’t know what to put. To be fair the working dog doesn’t actually work and he is my cousin on my mistress’s side but how does a cat join the Pet Dog’s Democratic Party? Isn’t there a clue in the title that frankly apart from chasing them I don’t know the first thing about cats. Matilda, next door, isn’t so bad but she is still a cut above all us dogs, or at least thinks she is. I wonder if I should allow Sally to join or let her down gently. More worrying is if there are other members they might not vote me in as leader and that would spoil all my fun. I will think about it before getting back to Sally and Dudley.

One thing I am absolutely clear about is that all business of the PDDP will be conducted in English. You only had to listen to my mistress trying to explain the rules of cricket to a German in English to realise that crossing language barriers would be completely impossible, cultural ones are hard enough. She got as far as explaining that not all games take 5 days and that some in fact are limited to 50 overs, when she found herself getting stuck on explaining what an over was. She was completely stumped, if you will pardon the pun, when he asked why there are 6 balls in an over. Why indeed? It is one of those English things again like there being 14 pounds in a stone and 16 ounces in a pound and 12 inches in a foot and 3 feet in a yard. So basically the rule if you are going to do anything the English way is to never have a clear rule that explains why you do something and then make exceptions to that rule at every opportunity!