Wednesday 27th September 2006

Now don’t get me wrong, I am really looking forward to going home today and seeing my master and mistress. I can’t wait to sniff all round my favourite spots at home, check on the moles and re-mark my territory. However, although all that seems very exciting I can’t help thinking about the fact that tomorrow is ‘The big day’, the day I become less of a dog than I am today, my operation! Alas, oh woe is me. I am worried about the whole thing really. I don’t fancy the idea of a general anaesthetic, although being told it will be as though I am drunk afterwards makes it sound a little bit fun. I don’t fancy the idea of being cut and I certainly don’t fancy the idea of being without the bits they are going to remove. What is the world coming to when a dog can’t be a real dog? I know it is all for my own good and not just to stop me having puppies but it really doesn’t seem fair. I know I am too young to think about having a family now but what if I want one later? I might have made a good dad and everyone says I am very good looking it seems a shame not to pass these handsome features on to the next generation. No pedigree dog shows for me! Anyway I had better go and pack my little case and settle down to wait to be picked up. It is never the same going and playing when I am waiting to go home, I wish they would collect me in a morning and not leave me until later in the day but then their flight doesn’t land until 10.30 so I suppose it is a bit difficult for them to do anything about it.