Thursday 28th September 2006

Well today’s the day. Not one for that matter that I am looking forward to, but it is THE day anyway, the day when I will undergo an eye watering operation. It is the day when I will become slightly less of a man, well dog anyway! I have packed a bag of things to take, mainly my little comfort blanket to hang onto when I get scared. I thought of packing one or two dog biscuits but to be honest I think I might not feel very hungry later. Now on the other hand I am starving and all this talk about food is not doing me any good at all. It’s funny isn’t it, when you are hungry you start fantasising about all sorts of different types of food, including ones you wouldn’t normally consider. At the moment even my mistress’s slippers look appetising. However, what I would give to get my paws on a nice juicy steak.

Coming home yesterday was as good as ever. I love where I live and it was great to see my master and mistress and check they were ok. Fortunately my mistress’s head just needed a couple of days of rest, which all things considered was a rather good job. Now they want to plan to go back to see the bits of the island they didn’t get to see as she wasn’t up to travelling round. I suppose that means I will get left behind again. There is no point getting upset too soon, it will take them a while to save up. Anyway, I’d better be off. This operation really is for my own good, however awful it might sound, and believe me it does!