Monday 25th September 2006

Well I’m back to moping. Chloe went home yesterday and I’m back to thinking of all the places I would like to be. It was funny saying goodbye, I felt as though I had a lump in my throat. I thought I was going to cry but as a dog that really wouldn’t be acceptable. However…, what do most people do when they go on honeymoon? Obviously there are one or two answers that spring to mind but it doesn’t matter how many you come up with you’re not going to get it. My master rang me to say apart from being taken back to their hotel by a pizza delivery truck, my mistress has got concussion! Apparently this time it was from hitting her head getting into a taxi, which makes it only marginally more sensible than the time she hit her head in a shopping injury, Christmas shopping to be precise. So she is now resting, not drinking, not swimming and they have given up on the idea of hiring a car. I don’t know whether to be worried about her or have a jolly good laugh at just how ridiculous she is. I suppose my master is starting to wonder what on earth he has taken on by marrying her. Mind you I suppose as my master got quite sunburnt on the first day she is only getting her own back. As long as they are going to be able to come home to me in time, I would hate to find they were stuck. Although I suppose it would mean I couldn’t go for my operation if they didn’t come back, so I suppose it could have its upsides!