Sunday 24th September 2006

Well yesterday was fantastic. Chloe and I spent the day alternating between running after each other playing tag and resting under a bush to get our breath back. On the other hand my master and mistress probably shouldn’t be allowed out on their own. Apparently they got the hotel shuttle to the capital of the island and then tried to get transport to visit the distillery. In general, I don’t think visiting any place serving alcohol is a good idea for them quite apart from a whole distillery of it! They couldn’t work out which bus went where and queued up for ages at what they thought was the ‘Bus Ticket Office’. Once they got to the front of the queue the poor lady hadn’t a clue what they were talking about, but could have sold them stamps for the postcards they hadn’t yet bought to send me! Then they wandered round in the wrong direction before eventually giving up and deciding to go back to their hotel. As always when you give up that was the point they found a taxi. Now of course if I had been with them, the first thing I would have said to them would have been ‘Have you thought about how you are going to get back?’ I wasn’t there and basically they hadn’t. That was before they had sampled any of the produce of the distillery as well. Sometimes humans just can’t be trusted to be sensible. They didn’t know exactly which direction they had come from to try and get a bus and being rather out of the city there were no taxi ranks. What happens? They only ended up being taken back by a pizza delivery truck! You can see it now the driver getting out and shouting “Anyone ordered two people?”  Even with Chloe around it makes my day seem uneventful!