Tuesday 12th September 2006

You will be pleased to know that with my master at work and no one to leave the gate open, yesterday was uneventful! Sunday and my trip to the seaside was a little different. I had been duped. It was not the seaside, it was lots of sand that had been brought inland to Bruges and made into huge sandcastles. They were amazing and I liked the dragon best. I wanted to climb up them but sadly was only allowed at a safe distance. There are going to be ones made of ice in the winter and my mistress says if I am good she will bring me to those too. Apart from the sandcastles the funniest bit of the afternoon was a bit later on. I had found it all fairly stressful with the crowds and more especially the load noises being played through the speakers. It is really odd suddenly having wolves howl at you without being able to see any bodies and as for crying babies well I just couldn’t understand why no one went to give them a lick. Then we went to find a nice pavement café, or in my case to leave a trail of nervousness on a section of pavement. My master was heroic in his attempts to clean up after me with the little poop scoop and then was desperately looking for a bin to deposit it in. We passed a house with a bin bag outside and he put it in before my mistress was able to ask the question ‘Are you sure that is a rubbish bag and not a charity clothes collection?’ Oh, can you imagine the horror of emptying out a bag of clothes to find my little addition in there! Wouldn’t it be awful! Once we found that there were some more and they were definitely rubbish we all rocked with laughter, and relief. The café we found was pretty good, they had a special ‘bar’ for dogs. It was more a tap and a water bowl but the point was the same. I also looked sweet enough for lots of different people to want to come and introduce themselves to me. Looks can be deceptive! I enjoyed every minute of the fuss and attention, and all in all with escaping earlier on it was quite the perfect day.