Tuesday 5th September 2006

Well yesterday was a normal day. Normal in the sense that it was quite unlike any we have had for a long while but it was how life used to be. There was just my mistress and me, with me padding around after her wherever she went. I sat outside the shower and on my bed in the office. I stared out of the window and went for a lovely long walk. It seemed awfully quiet after all the fuss of the last couple of months. Out of the blue my mistress asked whether I had thought any more about careers. ‘Well frankly’ I said ‘No.’ To be honest I thought that had all been forgotten and maybe I could get away without one. Unfortunately it seems I was barking up the wrong tree and I still need to work out what I want to do. I mulled over ‘mole catcher’ for a brief time but realised I have been wholly unsuccessful in that capacity in the last few weeks and at the end of the day it is more a cat’s work than a dog’s. Perhaps I should have a word with Matilda and see if she is willing to take it on, I know she does a good line in mice from the time my mistress was feeding her and was given half a mouse as a thank you present.

It is a god job that Andy taught me to climb the stairs to the top floor, otherwise I would really be having time twiddling my paws. It seems that ‘helping’ the children with the games on the Playstation has led my mistress to ‘need’ to have a go for herself. As long as I can sit on the settee next to her I don’t mind too much, but for some reason she seems to get really annoyed when I tug her arm at critical moments. I have said I would like a go but I’m having difficulty getting my paws around the controller.