Monday 4th September 2006

Now I know the holiday in the Ardennes was not the success we had all hoped for but I don’t think that should give my master and mistress the right to go away again without me. I want a beach holiday. I want to be able to dig without it being wrong. I want to sit on a sun lounger and sip cocktails. I want to sunbathe and swim in the sea. Ok I may be going a bit far now, if I haven’t wanted to try swimming in the pool I suppose I am unlikely to want to swim in the sea, but the general point and feeling is the same. What do they mean I can’t go? Why have they chosen somewhere that doesn’t take dogs? I suppose the only consolation is that I am going to see some of my doggy friends whilst they are gone and have sent a text to Chloe to see if she can get her owners to go away at the same time. I wonder whether we will have got the moles to move out before then. If we haven’t do you think the moles will think they can just take over the house and garden whilst we aren’t in it? I get to take my bed with me when I go away, so at least I know there won’t be any moles for me to say ‘who’s been sleeping in my bed?’ My master and mistress have got details of a sonar device that stops moles within a certain area, perhaps now is the time to deploy it. Our neighbours have asked us to tell them if we are going to use it, so that they can do the same. I suppose it just means they move into the garden of the first person we haven’t told. Now there is a dog down the road that I really don’t like, do you think I could get my mistress to tell everyone apart from them?