Friday 1st September 2006

Well the exciting summer is coming to an end and the children are all going home today. To be honest I’m not sure what I am going to do with myself now I only have my master and mistress to play with. It is going to be dreadfully quiet. I suppose I will get used to it again soon, perhaps I could invite other people round more often to fill in the gaps. I suppose I will at least get a break from James trying to ‘train’ me. Seems a bit ironic really, all things considered, I did suggest I should be training him but he wasn’t keen. Why won’t humans accept that I will lie down when I want to lie down and get up when I want to get up. Ok so I can be conned for the odd biscuit but offering me treats repeatedly is just taking advantage of my good nature. I suppose I am now going to be back to sitting looking out of the window and watching the world go by, or at least the moles. The moles have now dug up the whole lawn, or at least all the bits that matter.

I gave the game away earlier this week of just how high I can jump. I was trying to keep it secret just in case it came in useful but then I gave the game away when I was chasing Elvis and at one leap cleared the settee, from back to front. Elvis got a bit of a shock, thinking he had found somewhere to hide but my mistress was more shocked.