Saturday 2nd September 2006

How do mole traps work? There seem to be three of them in our garden. I wondered about digging one up to have a look but I wasn’t quite sure I’d like it. Judging by the lawn the moles already know where they are and have worked their way round them. Do you think they have a little map with all the major landmarks on it? It could show things like where the bird bath is, so they didn’t come up and bash their heads there. It could show where the pool is so that they could work their way round it without wasting energy.

Everyone is trying to train me. It’s a nightmare. Apparently no one likes it when I jump up, particularly when I have muddy paws. I only get a “nice dog, good dog” and all the associated pats and strokes as long as I sit quietly in front of them. Now it isn’t that I don’t understand what they mean, and it isn’t that I don’t sympathise with the general idea but how is a dog supposed to show his emotion if he can’t jump up? There is only so hard I can wag my tail and I get told off for barking. All I want to say is that I am really pleased to see you and I am not taking for granted how lucky I am to have you around. Humans hug each other, why can’t a dog try and hug a human? I am only trying to follow the example you set. Apparently, however, I am not allowed to. Please give me an idea of how I can do it.