Monday 21st August 2006

Did I mention the journey here? I think for our transport arrangements the logic may have been a tiny bit flawed. The car with sat nav followed the car with the dog navigating from the map. That would be me! I have always thought that left and right are such overrated terms! It was also annoyed that despite my requests I couldn’t have the roof down. So it’s my fault that they have all brought too much stuff on holiday and had to put it in the bit the roof is supposed to go in is it? I was allowed the window down a bit so I could still sniff all the different smells as we drove.

Where we are staying apparently there are some ‘good looking lads’. I am not quite sure why that is important but it seems to a teenage girl that is very critical. I have never been taken on so many walks to ‘coincidentally’ bump into teenage lads before. I think I am being used! I wouldn’t mind but they aren’t really interested in me. I don’t get patted and told I’m lovely, I might rebel!

I have realised there is no door to my room so I am free to go upstairs. Last night my mistress put me to bed and went up to their room and whilst she was in the bathroom I went and joined them, so she put me to bed again. When everything was quiet I went back upstairs to check they were ok and then came down of my own accord. The good thing was being able to go back up three times in the night and gently nuzzle my mistress to wake her up and check she was ok. Once I’d checked I went back to my own bed, content that in this strange place everything was normal.