Tuesday 22nd August 2006

I may be being a little bit stupid here. My mistress was saying that one of the houses they looked at had a ‘Jack and Jill shower’, well that would be totally useless in this family as no one is called either ‘Jack’ or ‘Jill’ so presumably it wouldn’t get used.

We have been playing mini-golf. It’s great you chase little balls through all sorts of obstacles. I think I was supposed to be doing it in turn and counting the number of goes I had but there is a finite number I can count up to and I do hate losing. Some of the holes were really difficult to get round, they were not in straight lines and there were all sorts of things in the way. It was fun but it did all seem a bit of a pointless exercise. I wasn’t allowed in the swimming pool which didn’t really matter as I think it is a bit of an acquired taste and the water slide looked a bit scary. I do really want to have a go at archery but the bows aren’t very suitable for dogs. It’s as bad as when I wanted to try roller blading and couldn’t get any doggy sized boots.