Friday 18th August 2006

Well the count down to the holiday is over and we are all packed up ready to go. I am fed up that there isn’t room for my plastic pig but at least the frisbee is in. I didn’t realise just how many fights can break out trying to get ready to do something nice, let alone how difficult it is to get everyone out of the door and into the car. It makes the fuss I make about climbing into my master’s car, or rather wanted to be lifted up, seem relatively mild. I shall perhaps point that out to him next time he is complaining that I should be doing it for myself.

Fortunately we only had ten people for one night and three of them are setting off back to England today rather then coming with us wherever we are going. All I know of our destination is that it is in Belgium, but as I am already in Belgium I wonder if we are just driving round the block and coming back and pretending we have gone away. While you might convince a four year old with that one, particularly if someone nipped round and moved the furniture round while we were out, I can’t see the adults or the dog being taken in! So I am assuming I am off on a mystery tour and that when I get there someone will tell me where ‘there’ is! Whilst I am happy to be travelling in my own car with my mistress I could really do without her singing all the way there. Mind you I suppose the alternative would be snippets of tracks of music before one or other of the children insists on fast forwarding to the next track because they don’t like the one I was just starting to listen to.

All things considered I am quite excited. I have never been on a summer holiday before. That probably goes without saying, given that this is my first summer but in reality I have not actually been on a holiday before. I was duped about the Switzerland trip earlier in the year, so all things considered I think I should make every effort to make the most of this one. I just need to practice all those essential holiday words and phrases. “Can I have another sweet?” “Where’s my ball?” “Will you play with me?” “I’m bored” “Are we nearly there yet?” “I need the toilet” “I think I’m going to be sick”. I think that is probably most of them.